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Works Bell SRD A1 FULL KIT (genuine steering switch relocation kit) for BMW F-Series with DCT transmission

Works Bell SRD FULL KIT (incl. boss) to relocate the genuine steering wheel switch panels of BMW F-Series when using the racing steering wheel.Full description

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Brand: Works Bell
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Note 1: The product content includes steering boss.
Note 2: The steering switch is not included in the product contents. (Please remove it from the genuine steering wheel and transfer it to the product before use)
Note 3: Lane Departure Vibration will no longer work.
When I press the lane departure button, I get an error, but when I restart the engine, it automatically disappears.
In rare cases, an error message may appear saying that the auto-cruise failure occurs when the engine is started, but it is confirmed that it automatically recovers immediately and the auto-cruise function works.

Applicable Models

F80(M3)DCT / F82(M4)DCT/MT


It is a dedicated kit that can be relocated when replacing the switch on the stock steering with an external steering.

Component parts

Boss body, paddle shift mount, switch mount, cover, various screw sets


Microcarbon reinforced nylon

APEK - Asociace pro elektronickou komerci APEK - Asociace pro elektronickou komerci

Our company Escape6 is on the market since year 2000. Our open and positive approach to vehicle modifications, besides many years of experience, stems from the enthusiasm of our entire team. Each of us is a true car enthusiast, and so we can identify with your idea of car modifications, whether it's a Show&Shine competitor, circuit racer, or offroad driver. We actively visit automobile exhibitions around the world, as well as domestic tuning exhibitions, events and events where you can meet our own modified cars.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our showroom in Prague Čestlice, which is filled with the best of today's world tuning parts and accessories. Whether you are only looking for small accessories or car care products, or if you want your car to be completely "tuned out", you are in the right place with us! And do not forget to follow us on social networks where you can learn something behind the scenes of our company.