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Escape6 Showcars | We are tuning enthusiasts

Since 2000, Escape6 has been a specialist importer and distributor of car accessories and add-ons for auto-tuning and DIY vehicle improvements. Our company works with some of the largest manufacturers in the auto-tuning industry, bringing you products from across the world, including the US and Japan.

Everybody from Escape6, we are the same tuning enthusiasts as you are and we enhance our own cars with the products that we sell. And so we test many parts and accessories on ourself to ensure you about its perfect quality.. 

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Thanks to our own practise we can give you advise so do not hesiste to contact us and ask us. We always look forward to meeting new customers, to offer our help and share our knowledge.


  Ford Focus RS     List of improvements Exterior - carbon hood Seibon Carbon - carbon front lip Seibon Carbon - carbon...

Základem úpravy je vůz Subaru Impreza WRX roku výroby 2002, tedy model přezdívaný Bugeye. Tento model byl mírně civilnější verzí STI, ale stejně jako...

Audi TT 3.2 V6 Seznam úprav Exteriér - kompletní přední nárazník včetně mřížek a masky z verze TTRS - karbonový přední spoiler AS Sport - boční prahy...

Tenhle americký muscle car ve verzi R/T, s atmosférickým motorem 5,7 V8 HEMI a rokem výroby 2018, je jediným oficiálně vyrobeným kusem v uvedené...

Audi RS3 Sedan Audi RS3 byla naším projektem, který jsme zrealizovali v roce 2019 a v plné parádě jsme se s tímto vozem prezentovali na výstavě...

Audi A3 3.2 V6    Exteriér - blatníky z verze RS - nárazník z verze S  - boční prahy Caractere Interiér - volant z nové verze S -...

APEK - Asociace pro elektronickou komerci APEK - Asociace pro elektronickou komerci

Our company Escape6 is on the market since year 2000. Our open and positive approach to vehicle modifications, besides many years of experience, stems from the enthusiasm of our entire team. Each of us is a true car enthusiast, and so we can identify with your idea of car modifications, whether it's a Show&Shine competitor, circuit racer, or offroad driver. We actively visit automobile exhibitions around the world, as well as domestic tuning exhibitions, events and events where you can meet our own modified cars.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our showroom in Prague Čestlice, which is filled with the best of today's world tuning parts and accessories. Whether you are only looking for small accessories or car care products, or if you want your car to be completely "tuned out", you are in the right place with us! And do not forget to follow us on social networks where you can learn something behind the scenes of our company.