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Shop roku 2022

About shopping at Escape6

How to shop at

We would like to guide you how to shop in our store and so we have prepared some useful information about your purchase via our e-shop or you can visit our showroom and store in Czech Republic, Čestlice 272, 251 01 Čestlice.

At first we would like you to not hesite and contact us via our email or phone number if you need.

How to select a product
We have prepared for you a simple menu in a heading of our online store where you can easily choose a category and the product afterwards. A lot of our products are intended for a special type of car so please select the one you need.

In the top of our homepage there is a fulltext search and so you can type keywords there to find what you need. Feel free to type a combination of keywords also.

If you often shop in our online store you can register here and so your shipping information will be saved. You can easily shop also without login.

Shopping cart
Once you choose the product you want click the red button "add to cart". In the shopping cart you can see every item you added, you can change the quantity of them and if it is in our stock. Once you added one product you can continue to shopping cart or you can go back to shop.
On the right side of our wesite you can click the red button "shopping cart" to see every item you added too.

If you need to ship your package to Czech Republic or Slovakia you can find all information here. Shipping to the other countries are determined by its weight. For more information about shipping to other countries please contact us

Personal data
Once you select the shipping we need to know some personal infomation about you to deliver your package to you. Do not worry everything is completely secure. More about Personal Data Protection and Security you read here.

Before you finish your order please check all information about you, specially e-mail address and shipping address. If there are some products in your order that are not in our stock we contact you as soon as possible. You can decide if you prefer to split your order to receive available product sooner.

We inform you via e-mail about every step and status of your order. If you decide to cancel the order please let us know and write an e-mail to this address as soon as possible. Or if you prefer telephone, please dial this number +420 222 519 645.

If you need anyadvise or you are not sure about anything, do not hesite to contact us via our phone number or email.





APEK - Asociace pro elektronickou komerci APEK - Asociace pro elektronickou komerci

Our company Escape6 is on the market since year 2000. Our open and positive approach to vehicle modifications, besides many years of experience, stems from the enthusiasm of our entire team. Each of us is a true car enthusiast, and so we can identify with your idea of car modifications, whether it's a Show&Shine competitor, circuit racer, or offroad driver. We actively visit automobile exhibitions around the world, as well as domestic tuning exhibitions, events and events where you can meet our own modified cars.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our showroom in Prague Čestlice, which is filled with the best of today's world tuning parts and accessories. Whether you are only looking for small accessories or car care products, or if you want your car to be completely "tuned out", you are in the right place with us! And do not forget to follow us on social networks where you can learn something behind the scenes of our company.