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BC Forged GW01 Monoblock Forged Wheel

Exclusively custom-made BC Forged Wheels are made of T6061 forged aluminum. Thanks to individual manufacturing it is possible to fully customize them to your needs. Because of monoblock construction minimal weight is achieved that positively affects driving characteristics.

There is a plenty of finishes, choose from wide range of powder coats and crystal coats that emphasize with flawless processing and mechanical machining of each wheel. All BC Forged wheels are prepared for tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

Fully customizable on your request!Full description

Price from: 1156,19 €
Dostupné rozměry:
8" x 18"
8,5" x 18"
9" x 18"
9,5" x 18"
10" x 18"
10,5" x 18"
11" x 18"
11,5" x 18"
12" x 18"
12,5" x 18"
13" x 18"
8" x 19"
8,5" x 19"
9" x 19"
9,5" x 19"
10" x 19"
10,5" x 19"
11" x 19"
11,5" x 19"
12" x 19"
12,5" x 19"
13" x 19"
8" x 20"
8,5" x 20"
9" x 20"
9,5" x 20"
10" x 20"
10,5" x 20"
11" x 20"
11,5" x 20"
12" x 20"
12,5" x 20"
13" x 20"
8" x 21"
8,5" x 21"
9" x 21"
9,5" x 21"
10" x 21"
10,5" x 21"
11" x 21"
11,5" x 21"
12" x 21"
12,5" x 21"
13" x 21"
8" x 22"
8,5" x 22"
9" x 22"
9,5" x 22"
10" x 22"
10,5" x 22"
11" x 22"
11,5" x 22"
12" x 22"
12,5" x 22"

Dostupné barevné varianty:
Black Chrome
Matte bronze
Matte gunmetal
Gloss black
Matte black
Greyish silver
Raw finish
Brushed black
Brushed grey
Brushed bronze tint
Brushed gold
Sky blue
Dark brushed black tint
Brushed champagne bronze
Sapphire blue
Crystal burgundy
Crystal coffee
Crystal orange
Crystal green
Royal gold
Rose gold

All Forged BC Forged Wheels are made on customers request according to particular parameters. BC Forged Wheels can be adjusted in many ways:
- wheel diameter (range given by manufacturer )
- width (range given by manufacturer )
- offset (ET)
- PCD (Pitch circle diameter)
- surface finish + finish coat
- center cap - colour and type
anti-slip knurling (see below) (NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE)
CNC machine the center cap detail for use with OEM original center cap (NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE)
- Center Lock - ONLY AVIABLE WITH BC FORGED CENTER LOCK ADAPTER (or for cars originally equipped with center lock, such as Porsche GT3 RS etc.)

Price includes one piece of forged wheel in chosen finish, including center cap made of the same material and in chosen colour and also wheel valve with BC Forged logo. Price is valid in case of ordering full set of wheels (4 wheels) and does not include optional mechanical adjustment (for example premium finish coat (Black Chrome) or other mechanical adjustments).

Technical note: Rate of center disc deepening (Deep Concave Design) is affected by wheel proportions, especially by width and offset (ET) and by space needed for vehicle brake system. Rate of center disc deepening is not an optional parameter! Concave Profiles are provided before final confirmation of the order.

Profily prohloubení kovaných jednodílných kol BC Forged

Forged T6061 Aluminum to strengthen the surface density and create lighter weight. BC offers a wide range of styles to choose from, and almost everything else is able to be specified by you. All the BC Forged wheels are machined throughout sophisticated CNC procedures in order to meet the perfection! There is a maximal care devoted to every little detail.


1. Finish Option
You can choose from wide range of colours, which are then used for the whole wheel:
• gloss
• matte
• brushed
• crystal
• black chrome

BC Forged color finishes

2. Center Cap

You can choose whichever center cap that fits the most with the style of the wheel and your final vision. Center caps are CNC machined too and in case of lacquered caps, they are lacquered by the same technology as the whole wheel. Center Caps are secured by double rubber seal so there would be no mechanical damage by disassembling and putting them on.

You can choose from these center caps:
• chrome center cap with red emblem
• CNC machined center cap in chosen colour
• 3D CNC (raised) machined center cap in chosen colour
• CNC machined center cap in chosen colour with BC Forged logo

Optional drilling for use of OEM center cap (Favourite option for those who desire individual wheel design but wish to keep the clean OEM style without additional emblems. Please ask about availability in advance).



3. Anti-slip Bead Seat Knurling:

This modification is suitable for racing cars and cars with extreme performance, when in the course of heavy acceleration and braking there is a danger of tire slippage on the barrel. Anti-slip Bead Seat Knurling ensures fixed seating of tires and it´s fixations even during high strain by peak starts, braking and drag racing. (NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE)


Vroubkování styčné plochy kola s pneumatikou


Why to choose BC Forged Wheels?

• BC Forged wheels are custom-made on your request and for your car, so you can choose every aspect of the wheel such as proportions, design, colour and surface finishes and many more!
• Forged BC Forged wheels are CNC machined from high quality aluminum T6061 by the most modern technologies and on the most modern machines that ensures minimum weight and extreme resilience at the same time. Lower weight positively affects the driving characteristics.

Usage of BC Forged Wheels:

Forged BC Forged Wheels fulfils even the most strict requirements on quality and accuracy so they are suitable to be used on high-performance super cars. BC Forged Wheels can be used on any cars from the common ones to sport ones including cars with ceramic or carbon brakes, thanks to endless options BC Forged has to offer.



BMW X5 F15 na kolech BC Forged RZ815


Aston Martin DB11 na kolech BC Forged EH171


Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer na kolech BC Forged EH176

BMW řady 7 730i na kolech BC Forged RF151


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